"[... Big plans are in the pipeline and these may be achieved. Indeed, the Deephouse scene shall savour a bit of popstar-moment.]"

De:Bug (2012)

"[...Smith lived far two years in Reykjavik and one can hear that from his music. Plucks and rings, followed by an electronic and mellow beat, as if played through a giant snowball. Hushed piano melodies, a cello cutting little snow alleys...]"

Dresdner Neue Nachrichten (2012)

"[...Hannes Smith has been described as the man who 'starts playing his live performances, [and] it's like somebody shoots love and passion all over the dance floor'. This is an exaggerated and frankly quite sickening description for an incredibly skilled artist...]"

Deep Town People (2012)

"[... in diesen vier organischen 8-minuten-Technostücken wird klar: Hannes Smith beherrscht die Kunst der schichtartig aufgebauten Techno-Loops. Dazu verwendet er viele analoge Geräusche...]"

Deutschlandradio Kultur - Netzmusik (2012)

"[... Hannes has expanded his soundscape considerably on the album, adding sensitive piano sections and a lonely cello to the electronic music. Though strictly speaking, one could categorize the music as electronic music - there is so much more to it. Maerchensee is an interesting and personal album, well worth an evening spent listening ...]"


"[... Rhythmical sounds vibrate quietly. The soft tones of a cello ring in solo. All elements melt together in accord. Hear Hannes Smith's musical solo effort makes you dive into a sheer endless dream ...]"

Sächsische Zeitung (2012)
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